Special Conditions
All pets must have an up to date vaccination certificate which must be shown on entry.
Discounts will apply to long stay visitors.
All out of hour services will incur a surcharge.

Helpful Hints
Expat lodge is like a home away from home for your pet. To ease the transition from your home to ours, here are some helpful hints.

On leaving, say your goodbyes at home and allow your pet to settle in as quickly as possible, our friendly kennel staff will look after your pet as he/she were their own, and help them acclimatize to their new quarters.

Advise staff of any special characteristics/traits our pet may have for example;
Behavioural problems
Fence climbing
Persistent Barking
Special Diets
Phobias [lightning storms etc]
Fear Biting
Past or persistent medical problems

Remember to bring with you
Current vaccination certificate-our friendly staff can let you know what vaccination your pets need.
Contact phone number/e-mail addresses in case of emergency or questions.
Details of special medications plus enough medication for the duration of your pets stay.
Special toys – nothing too good, as these items often get chewed or ripped. As a rule if it is something you cant afford to lose our suggestion is don’t bring it.

Additional info
Birds fly, fish swim and dogs SOCIALISE
Our home dogs are all well behaved and adaptable, we try to pair dogs up with similar traits.

Eddie the retired Greyhound is an absolute gentleman around the kennels, always kenneled along side new arrivals on first night.
Gootha the Pomeranian, typical small breed dog, full of himself and makes friends easily with other smaller dogs.
Patch and Hero are 2 soi dogs we inherited with the property now fully adapted to kennel life thoroughly enjoy play time with other dogs.

We find most dogs that have stayed with us return home a bit lighter due to the exercise they have had here, especially those dogs that live in a confined environment. Every dog is treated as our own and all meals and exercise programs are discussed with you on admission, age and health conditions
are factored in to any exercise under taken.